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17 kopieMonday 5th of January 2015. We had to let our Mowgly go. Very abruptly. Due to a result of an inoperable neckhernia. After 9.5 years incredible loyal service Mo-Mo turned out to be totally worn out.

Friday 2nd of January we went with him to the vet because of a changing motor skills, he still ran smoothly, but different. The weekend what followed he went despite various pain medication and prednisone deteriorated and eventually he could no longer walk because of neurological deficit as a result of the neckhernia. Also sat in the lower cervical spine spondylosis and shoulder blades were totally worn out.  End of mondat afternoon, called the veterinarians with the announcement that the success rate of a possible operation in such a state would be only 30%. Already looking at my dog I saw that the lights gradually disappeared from his eyes. Mojo was done with it, he was warn out ,. He was allowed to go. Thank you Mojo for everything and what you have meant to us! See you heaven!

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